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by Mark St. Germain

Jarrott Productions is proud to have been nominated in the 2015 Central Texas Excellence in Theatre Awards for its inaugural production of “Freud’s Last Session!”  Nominations include: Best Actor in a Play: David R. Jarrott; Best Direction of a Play: Fritz Ketchum; Best Costume Design: Susan Branch Towne; Best Scenic Design: Leslie Ann Turner; and Best Production of a Play: “Freud’s Last Session.”


Jarrott Productions is pleased to note that our debut production of “Freud’s Last Session” in 2015 garnered two B. Iden Payne Award nominations for the 2015-2016 season, including Best Lead Actor in a Drama (David R. Jarrott) and Outstanding Set Design (Leslie Ann Turner).



Austin Chronicle

"Playwright Mark St. Germain has imagined this philosophical equivalent of a heavyweight title match between the revolutionary psychoanalyst and the influential Christian writer. Fortunately, the playwright periodically pauses the donnish debate to show us these great minds as human beings, vulnerable to pain and suffering, and it's in these moments that the play and this production really breathe."


Austin Entertainment Weekly

"Succinct, witty, and thought-provoking, Freud’s Last Session is an engaging experience for lovers of theatre and philosophy, and a phenomenal inaugural production for Jarrott Productions leaving me eagerly awaiting their next show."



Broadway World

"Jarrott Production's FREUD'S LAST SESSION by Mark St. Germain, features two veteran actors at the top of their game. St. Germain’s flowing dialogue captures the idiosyncratic characters perfectly, often using direct quotes from both famous men. The real magic in this production come from Jarrott and Jones who bring these characters, warts and all, to vibrant life."


CTX Live Theatre

"The play collects grand thoughts from people in an important time and place, and fossilizes them beautifully in the amber of this Jarrott Productions show."




Jarrott Productions is committed to presenting the highest quality product on stage, utilizing the best and brightest talents available in our community, and paying them a decent amount for their artistry. We thank the following FRIENDS OF FREUD for their support and invite you to join them in sponsoring our production.



Gayla & Mark Kiester, Patricia Gervan-Brown & Rob Brown, Annette Carlozzi & Dan Bullock, Denise Hodgson, Donna & Steve Hicks, Catherine Cotman and Rusty Morrison, Linda Ball & Forrest Preece, Betsy & Joe Zullo, Maria & Eric Groten, Kathleen & Harvey Guion, Nancy & Lewis Wade, Stefani & Keith Wier, Mary Tucker & Kirt Kiester, Gretchen & Matt Mitchell, Elise Jarrott, Judy Talley, Shanny Lott, Carole & Tony Harrison, Abe Reybold, Lana Dieterich, Melissa & Nathan Jerkins, Lisa & Robert Rodman, Charlotte Sullivan, Susan & Craig Lubin, Lee & Bill Rogers, Ann & Herb Wade, Glenda Goehrs, Cynthia & Frank Kittredge, Sharon & Don Flournoy, Carole & Charles Sikes, Dick Oppenheimer,

Caroline Jones, Alison & Sam Kimberlin, Nan Kinzler, Allison Jarrott, Liana Putrino, Craig Barron, Miles Chick, Jill & John McFarland, Garry Peters, Suzanne & Mark Stewart, Flo Ann Randle, Mary Tucker & Kirt Kiester, Vicki & Russell Davidson, Darlene Lewis, Dave Steakley, Melissa & Jeff Simpler, Madeline Rogers, Jim Wynn, Rick Roemer, Diane & Marco Perella, Nick Brizendine, Michael Miller, James Jarrott, Marry Herr & Rusty Tally, Rebecca Schoolar Jafari, Claire & Carl Stuart, Nancy & Geary Voots,  Stephanie & Jim Todd, Vicki McKain, Fritz & David Ketchum, Chris Alan, and Mary Lou Borchers.

*As of July 31st.



Fritz Ketchum


Production Manager

Lisa Goering


Stage Manager

Zoe Riemer

Scene & Prop Design

Leslie Ann Turner

Lighting Design

Rachel Atkinson


Costume Supervision

Susan Branch Towne

Audio Consultant

Craig Brock


House Manager

Denise Hodgson


Volunteer Coordinator

Beth Warren

Graphic & Web Design

Michael Jarrott


Public Relations

Cathy Conley Swofford


Public Relations/Media Intern Kenneth Wayne Williams