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Help us continue producing quality theatre here in Austin, TX!

Since the fall of 2015, Jarrott Productions has executed eleven critically acclaimed plays, winning dozens of nominations and awards along the way for the many creative artists who have brought their talents to this young company. As one critic recently said, “Jarrott Productions...has become one of the city’s most acclaimed companies, thanks to an intelligent choice of plays and professional productions.”


Whether you have seen only one of our past productions or all nine of them, we appreciate your patronage and your support. In what promises to be our most ambitious season yet, we ask that you help us continue to bring Broadway quality productions to Austin by becoming a Season Supporter.


Before the first ticket is sold to any of our plays we incur many expenses, ranging from royalties to the publishers and playwrights to costume and set construction budgets, rehearsal studio rental and marketing costs.

As with any business, it’s all about cash flow. And you can help by becoming a Season Supporter! We welcome your donations and support at any time, but if you have been inspired by what we do and your budget can support it, then please know your donation will mean even more right now.  


There are several levels of tax-deductible seasonal support, and all contributions, large or small, will ensure we are able to fulfill our mission to present vibrant and professional theatre in Austin.

For information on Title Sponsorship and Executive Producer opportunities, please contact David Jarrott.

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