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"Jarrott Productions is becoming the central go-to company for performing arts in the downtown theatre scene and club scene."

- David Robinson, Central Texas Live Theatre

What Lies Ahead for Jarrott Productions in 2021

It’s been over 9 months since Jarrott Productions canceled its rehearsals and scheduled performances of Jane Anderson’s “Mother of the Maid.” The effects of the Covid pandemic have been devastating to theatre companies here in Austin and worldwide.

Many theatre companies here have pivoted to delivering theatre in forms other than in brick-and-mortar venues, with outdoor productions, drive-by and/or drive-in theatre, theatre by mail, even theatre by telephone. And of course, there have been many variations of virtual/digital theatre productions.

Jarrott Productions has been on the sidelines, not being able to present in our usual Trinity Street Playhouse venue, and not wanting to provide a production with less than our usual level of professionalism.

However, we now feel that we are ready to move forward into 2021 with at least two productions, as we continue to think “outside the black box” for our delivery systems.

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According to the latest figures available, between April and July 2020 some 1.4 million jobs were lost in the performing arts industry; Austin lost about one-third of its creative sector jobs in that same time period.


Texas ranks third, after California and New York, in terms of states with the most loss of creative industries and occupations, and loss of creative sector sales. Austin lost an estimated 28,000+ jobs, and $1.3 billion sales—and that’s just in those three months.


In Austin, it’s mostly a gig economy—artists move from job to job in theatre, and many, but not all, have had and still have “day jobs” to sustain them. Many full-time and part-time theatre employees have been furloughed, and some have been forced to leave theatre entirely (at least for now) and find employment in more 9-to-5-type office jobs. And those are the lucky ones.


As Jarrott Productions moves into the new year, and after the premature closing of our 5th season last March, it’s hard to plan for a new theatrical “season” as such. However, our work continues and we invite you to participate as you are able by clicking DONATE.


Thank you for your continued patronage!

David R. Jarrott, Producing Artistic Director

On Behalf of the Jarrott Productions Board of Directors and Staff

Our first venture in the New Year will be an audio-theatre production of Austin playwright Clay Nichols’ “The Speaker Speaks,” a one-man show about U.S. Congressman Sam Rayburn of Texas, who served as Speaker of the U.S. House longer than any person before or since his time.


During World War II, Mr. Sam (as he was affectionately known) spoke directly to the American people via public radio; and in this iteration of Nichols’ play, he will again. “The Speaker Speaks,” starring JP Artistic Director David R. Jarrott (pictured), will premiere on March 4, 2021. Stay tuned for details on how you can listen in!



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